Friday, June 10, 2005

Geek of the week:

Geek of the week: DVDs by mail
Georgia Straight, Canada - Jun 9, 2005 Long-time Vancouver video-rental store Videomatica ( has begun renting DVDs by mail for a monthly subscription fee.

Tiscali offers DVD rentals
Web User, UK - 5 hours ago ´┐ŻLoveFilm has emerged as the clear market leader for two reasons: firstly, they have the largest choice of DVDs around, and secondly, the content available

New Warner Movie Gets Released To Theaters And DVD At Same Time
Mathaba.Net, Africa - 3 hours ago Hollywood could simply improve the theater experience, which would not only offset sales lost to DVDs but also rescue theaters from the painful decline they

DVD suppliers tie new releases to movie debuts
Reuters - 4 hours ago LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - As the summer movie season gets under way, home video suppliers are scrambling to schedule DVDs to piggyback on the

Report: Pirated Goods Seized in China
MSN Money - 3 hours ago TOKYO (AP) - Hundreds of thousands of pirated Japanese DVDs, music CDs, comics and games worth billions of dollars were confiscated in mainland China, Hong

Children play with a small fortune
Scotsman, UK - 16 hours ago Ben Green, of the Toy Retailers' Association, said: "It seems the figure of ´┐Ż8 billion includes DVDs. Our industry research suggests

John Cena News, ECW Update, Shark Boy Case, Dreamer, More
Impact Wrestling News - 23 hours ago 2. Other WWE DVDs on the list is WWE Viva Las Divas going down from 15 to 18. While a non-WWE DVD, Women's Extreme Wrestling Vol. 5-8 debuted at No. 10.

Scarborough students collecting DVDs for soldiers, ME - Jun 9, 2005 class at Scarborough Middle School are using their health class community service project to help soldiers stationed in Iraq by sending them DVDs, popcorn and


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