Sunday, June 26, 2005

MOVIE REVIEWS Delhi Newsline, India -

Delhi Newsline, India - Jun 4, 2005 or characters that are all tight-close-ups and attitude (Vivek Oberoi as Chandu, and Manoj Bajpai as Bhiku Mhatre): in D you are watching the movie, not just

Review of Reviews: �Get Behind Me Satan,� White Stripes
Journal Times Online, WI - Jun 24, 2005 the name McLusky (props to anyone who knows why he chose this name) went through a phase a year or so ago where he�d write reviews of movie reviews and post

Capsule Movie Reviews
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jun 24, 2005 Film capsules are written by Lawrence Toppman. If there are no stars given, he hasn't seen the movie. Grades: 4 stars = excellent

Movie reviews
Scotsman, UK - Jun 8, 2005 It was shot in 1972 for $25,000 and ended up grossing more than $600 million, making it the most profitable movie of all time. It

Hartford Courant, CT - Jun 16, 2005 By DEBORAH HORNBLOW, Courant Film Critic. Every bit of "The Perfect Man" is as saccharine and toothachingly sweet as cake frosting.

Customers win in war of online DVD rental firms
Boston Globe, MA - 10 hours ago The Netflix website is easy to navigate, processes commands quickly, and offers all sorts of bonuses, including movie reviews, personalized movie

Movie Reviews: Naked Fame, Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill,
Salt Lake Tribune, UT - May 26, 2005 By Sean P. Means. THE INFO: Opens today at the Tower Theatre; not rated, but probably R for sexual content and language; 84 minutes.

Movie Reviews: Kontroll, Up and Down, Rock School, You I Love
Salt Lake Tribune, UT - Jun 23, 2005 But the movie seems a little too much in love with the overbearing and self-aggrandizing Green - almost as much as Green is with himself.

Hartford Courant, CT - Jun 14, 2005 By DEBORAH HORNBLOW, Courant Film Critic. At an early point in the 141-minute spectacle that is Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins


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