Thursday, June 09, 2005

Movie Reviews Georgia Straight, Canada -

Movie Reviews
Georgia Straight, Canada - Jun 2, 2005 By patty jones. Starring Connie Nielsen, Ulrich Thomsen, and Nikolaj Lie Kaas. In Danish with English subtitles. Rating unavailable.

xXx (UMD Review)
IGN, CA - 17 hours ago June 08, 2005 - A note about UMD movie reviews: Instead of reviewing the film for (in some cases) the third time, we let our original FilmForce reviews speak

Movie reviews
Concord Monitor, NH - Jun 3, 2005 But can a boxing movie win the Academy Award for best picture two years in a row? Probably not. Still, Cinderella Man could be a contender.

Latest Movie Reviews
Sky News, UK - May 25, 2005 After feeling the force of the final Star Wars movie last week, the cinema returns to its usual self with a handful of new releases.

Delhi Newsline, India - Jun 4, 2005 or characters that are all tight-close-ups and attitude (Vivek Oberoi as Chandu, and Manoj Bajpai as Bhiku Mhatre): in D you are watching the movie, not just

Capsule Movie Reviews
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jun 3, 2005 Film capsules are written by Lawrence Toppman. If there are no stars given, he hasn't seen the movie. Grades are: 4 stars = excellent


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