Thursday, June 16, 2005

Snapped: the man who

Snapped: the man who wrestles alligators but is 'too disabled' to, UK - 4 hours ago Last night Crowson, a black-market trader in illegally copied DVDs, CDs and computer games, was beginning a 12-month prison sentence after a judge heard of the

DVDs with steroid warnings are ahead for athletes
Houston Chronicle, TX - Jun 14, 2005 steroids and their effects. The DVDs will be provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations. They will be

Four arrested for selling

Four arrested for selling pornographic and pirated DVDs, VCDs
Outlook (subscription), India - 13 hours ago Three Nepalese nationals were among four persons arrested for allegedly manufacturing and selling pornographic and pirated DVDs, VCDs and MP3s, police said

Sheriff: Suspect fled on a bicycle
Biloxi Sun Herald, MS - 1 hour ago Deputies found McLaurin in a wooded area off Canal and recovered a CD player, 13 DVDs and other items, sheriff's officials said.

Macrovision's Magical DRM that Drastically Reduces P2P
Corante - 18 hours ago Macrovision claims that, Macrovision ACP prevents or distorts copies of DVDs made over an analog interface to DVD recorders, PCs, digital video recorders (like

Oil costs force 10% DVD�R price rise
Register, UK - 17 hours ago Recordable DVDs are likely to become more expensive in coming months as rising oil prices push up plastic costs. At issue is the

DVDs aim to make minerals-based courses more appealing
ABC Regional Online, Australia - 2 hours ago The Minerals Institute of WA says it is working with universities in Perth to design a series of DVDs in a bid to attract more students to minerals-related

Poll: Film fans prefer home viewing to big-screen
San Jose Mercury News, CA - 7 hours ago Others view the slide as a sign that theaters are losing ground to home-entertainment options, particularly DVDs available just months after films debut in

Know When to Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em: Poker Experts Brunson, Matusow
Yahoo News (press release) - 10 hours ago 16 /PRNewswire/ -- World Poker Exchange, one of the world's fastest growing online poker sites, announced that a series of four instructional DVDs designed to

Suit by Macrovision Alleges Patent Breaches
Los Angeles Times, CA - 21 hours ago it claims offer products that break its patented copyright protection technology and allow consumers to make unauthorized duplicates of commercial DVDs.

SLAM! Speaks: The future of TNA
SLAM! Sports, Canada - 11 hours ago be "yes", and have even gained strength in the industry by via a television contract and getting deep into souvenir developement, including DVDs, apparal and

Top Ten from Trainers' Toyshop (press release), UK - 14 hours ago ROMs and videos are still the most popular methods with our customers, although many companies are now looking to replace their video libraries with DVDs and e

Movie Reviews: Make 'Em

Movie Reviews: Make 'Em Local
The Spokesman Review (subscription), WA - Jun 11, 2005 I would like to read movie reviews by local writers. Movies are great. But standard issue wire report movie reviews have always left me flat.

Movie reviews
Concord Monitor, NH - Jun 3, 2005 But can a boxing movie win the Academy Award for best picture two years in a row? Probably not. Still, Cinderella Man could be a contender.

Movie Reviews
The Tidings, CA - Jun 1, 2005 roughly the same story, the same lead actor, the same setting, and let two directors armed with different visions and different scripts go off and make a movie

Latest Movie Reviews
Sky News, UK - May 25, 2005 After feeling the force of the final Star Wars movie last week, the cinema returns to its usual self with a handful of new releases.

Movie Reviews
Georgia Straight, Canada - Jun 2, 2005 By patty jones. Starring Connie Nielsen, Ulrich Thomsen, and Nikolaj Lie Kaas. In Danish with English subtitles. Rating unavailable.

Movie reviews
Scotsman, UK - Jun 8, 2005 It was shot in 1972 for $25,000 and ended up grossing more than $600 million, making it the most profitable movie of all time. It

Movie Reviews
Georgia Straight, Canada - Jun 9, 2005 Although this is far from being the most misogynist movie ever made (Tony Rayns, Bad Guy director Ki-duk Kim�s leading detractor, has brought worse to the

Capsule Movie Reviews
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jun 10, 2005 Film capsules are written by Lawrence Toppman. If there are no stars given, he hasn't seen the movie. Grades are: 4 stars = excellent

Delhi Newsline, India - Jun 4, 2005 or characters that are all tight-close-ups and attitude (Vivek Oberoi as Chandu, and Manoj Bajpai as Bhiku Mhatre): in D you are watching the movie, not just

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Next time, I wish

Next time, I wish that Nextel would tell the truth
Jim Hill, NH - Jun 14, 2005 After all, a lot of the movie studios are now using NASCAR Everything from offering its customers free downloads of special "Herbie: Fully Loaded" ringtones or

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